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8 new additions to Food Union ice cream range

As the summer season approaches, Latvia’s leading dairy company Food Union, which is also the leading ice cream producer in the Baltic countries, is presenting eight new additions to its ice cream range. Now there are new ice creams in such popular ice cream ranges as Ekselence, Kārums, Pols and Tio, and making its debut this year is the entirely new Rasēns ice cream bar. The company has invested approximately EUR 150,000 in the development of the new products.

“We’re always thinking of new, interesting products to keep up with the latest trends and surprise and delight our customers. This year we are introducing an entirely new kind of ice cream that the Latvian market has never seen before, which will change the way people think of ice cream, as well as returning old-time favorites to the shelves, so all those who love the a cold treat could find a tasty dessert for themselves,” says Food Union Ice Cream Brand Manager Sandra Usačeva.

There are two new additions to the gourmet ice cream Ekselence, including one that marks the centenary of Latvia – an ice cream in the colors of the flag of Latvia. The ice cream’s special flavor that is characteristic of Latvia is comprised of a forest berry sorbet and sweet vanilla Glace Plombières. The other novelty in the Ekselence range has been inspired by the popularity of nougats in Europe – hazelnut ice cream with nougat sauce. Both new Ekselence ice creams are available in 1l packaging, which makes them a perfect choice of a dessert at a party or in a company of friends.

Food Unionis launching a completely new kind of ice cream this year, adding two ice cream bars to the Rasēns range – Rasēns tensile ice cream with bubblegum flavor and tropical Rasēns with the flavor of melon and watermelon. There are no preservatives or artificial colorants in Rasēnsice cream, just as there are none in other Rasēns products.

Finally, in line with customers’ wants and nostalgic memories of flavors that were popular in the past, Pols ice cream bar with lemon coating, which makes the classical Pols ice cream even more refreshing, is hitting the shelves this year.

The range of Tio ice creams has also been expanded to offer customers, for the first time ever, two new ice cream bars, with caramel and hazelnut flavors. The other novelties of 2018 include the unique curd ice cream Kārums with chocolate sauce and hazelnut flavor.

The new Food Union ice creams will be available from April 21 at such retail chains as Rimi, Maxima, Mego, Elvi, Top, Narvessen, Statoil, Sky, as well as smaller stores across Latvia.

Food Unionrepresents such ice cream brands as Ekselence, Pols, Kārums, Tio, NuSmoothie, Karlsons and Rasēns, and is the leader on Latvia’s ice cream market with a market share of over 50%.

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